1.) Do you offer consultations to discuss my ideas and preferences?

Yes. We offer direct consultations with our interior designers to discuss your ideas and preferences.

2.) Do you handle all design aspects, including furniture and decor selection?

We handle all the design aspects and suggest appropriate furniture and decor ideas. It is up to you to decide on them.

3.) How do you address unexpected issues and changes?

Our team is equipped with problem-solving skills, proactive communication, and adaptability to meet our clients’ expectations.

4.) What is your approach to incorporating sustainable or eco-friendly design materials?

We prioritize using sustainable and eco-friendly materials in our interior designs by selecting responsibly sourced and energy-efficient materials. We aim to create beautiful spaces that contribute positively to the environment.

5.) What is the estimated timeline for completing a project?

We ensure a fast, smoother, and efficient project completion by effective communication depending upon the type of project.

6.) Should I book the entire house to avail of this service?

No. We also accept single, and double rooms and exterior design projects.

7.) Can I customize different themes for different rooms?

Yes. The themes and designs are entirely customizable for all types of services.

8.) How do I start if I’m opting for Dream Sketch Interiors for the first time?

You can book a free online consultation or mail us at dreamsketchinteriors@gmail.com. You can also WhatsApp us at +91 9042036966 if you are here for the first time.

9.) Are there any restrictions or limitations to consider in the designs?

No. There are no such restrictions or limitations to be considered for the designs you choose.

10.) How do you stay updated with the current trends and designs?

We employ a multifaceted approach combining continuous learning, industry networking, keen observations of global design movements, and client feedback to stay updated with the current trends and designs.

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