The most important factors used when designing rooms are


Spaces in rooms create a cohesive sense of form and functionality. The spaces with decorations make them attractive and usable. The spaces seen in room designs invoke imagination and roam free.

Colours, textures & patterns

Colours can make a room look attractive. Dark rooms may look smaller when compared to bright and cheerful colours. Colours have a direct effect on the human mind. Using wallpapers with various patterns and colours can provide a rich look to the rooms.

Light & lightings

No matter how many artificial lights we install in rooms, they cannot match the natural light. So, look for natural light provisions to the maximum. Based on the location of the room, light fixtures should also be taken with meticulous care.


Necessary furniture needs to be placed in a room. Always remember furniture should not hinder people’s movement. The spaces left without furniture, shall make a simple and attractive look of the room.

Individual likings

A room design should reflect a personality, individual likings, and taste. Individual likings also depend greatly on budget. An aesthetically pleasing design at fair prices can make a room look good.

  • Our interior designers are skilled to sketch design plans as per your requirements. Interior designers think creatively and visualize the overall picture of the space. We provide clients with detailed drawings, client samples, scale models for approvals.
  • We afford tailored design services on residential, commercial, showroom, office, modular kitchen interiors, and so on. Designers inspect your construction spaces and prepare detailed plans involving colour schemes, materials, lighting, and soft furnishings. Designers even provide advice on choosing apt colours, lighting, and materials.
  • We determine the cost and check whether the sketches meet design considerations. The sketches come into action only after your approval and finalization. We help you build your interiors by adopting state-of-the-art design techniques.
  • Designers set a timeline for your designs and ensure it is followed throughout the process. Timely delivery and client satisfaction are more important for each project and we promise to keep maintained for our projects.
  • We identify the current trends in design engineering and architectures and provide you with the best outputs. Designers design every inch of the room with creativity & innovation.

A kitchen design includes a combination of layout, surfaces, appliances, and design details to form a cooking space. The average cost of a kitchen design has a lot of influential factors. There is a lot of difference in price estimates for new and upgrading kitchen designs. Factors like layout, materials, flooring, appliances, sizes, ventilation, type of modules affect the cost of the kitchen designs.

Depending upon the area, requirements, brand, and cost of materials it may range from 50,000 to 10 lakhs. A fully functional kitchen design can cost 1 lakh. Before we finalize the project, we provide estimates for the clients considering the following points,

  • Size of the kitchen- The layouts and large size kitchen are more expensive.
  • Cabinet and finishing material- Interior and exterior finishes both determine the cost estimate.
  • Accessories- Appliances from high brands and highly sophisticated quality will cost higher whereas for a refurbished kitchen you can place your utilizing appliances. So, it may reduce the huge amount of cost.
  • Material- Materials like plywood are the least expensive for your optimum kitchen model. To have a rich look in the kitchen, go for wood, stainless steel, PVC and BWP.

Everyone is aware of the values, roles, and responsibilities of an interior designer but it is always a mystery when to call or hire a professional. The most ideal time for hiring an interior designer is before the planning stage ie., the building construction stage. Following are the perfect time to hire an interior designer,

3 months before moving In

Before moving on to new houses, it is better to consult interior designers to work for your houses. This will ultimately reduce your cost and civil charges at a later date because the designers will come up with a detailed layout.

Lacking time for decoration

If there is no time in between your busy schedules, the best thing is to hire a professional interior designer.  Right from the raw material purchase to installation works, They organize your places with strenuous activities. Thus, the optimum time and money are saved. You can happily live a sophisticated life with pleasing decorations.

Help for executing ideas

If you are confused about some state of the designing process, then call for an interior designer. They will help you to make your dreams into reality. Interior designers may give a bunch of brainstorming suggestions on the selection of furniture and material. They provide ideas on various design samples.

Mood boards are physical or digital collage formats with the arrangement of images, text, design, and materials. They are intended to represent the final design style. Most professional interior designers start their projects with mood boards. By creating mood boards, it is easy to communicate a design to the client.  Mood boards can give a rough look of how a room will look to the client.

Similar to that, sample boards are presentation tools used to represent designs to potential clients. A sample board will visually represent what specific items will go into a certain space. Every designer communicates the final design proposals with sample boards to the client.

Yes, We do provide mood boards and sample boards for every project. This gives clients a clear idea of the concept.  It may further tweak the design process and be able to come up with new design ideas. In terms of interior designing choices, both mood and sample boards help to make choices on each element like furniture, material, finishings, etc., Only after the approval of board design, we materialize the things. We help you build your dream places with aesthetics!

Interior designs are not entirely designed on a Vastu basis. Despite that, there are certain criteria like the placement of mirrors, position of rooms, wall colour choices are installed in houses based on the Vastu. Often people feel disconnected and uncomfortable if proper placements of things and right directions are not in sync with the house. It is believed that Vastu harmonizes energy, brings prosperity, health and wellness into the family. Yet interior designers follow a set of elements and design principles to create an aesthetically pleasing environment.  The main aim of Vastu is to establish five elements of air, water, fire, earth, and space to stay in a house with harmony.

If you build your house structure based on Vastu but leave the interiors without Vastu, then it is useless. But, most interior designers design your house as per your preferences. It should go hand in hand and it will be great if a unique interior supports the Vastu shastra. Few clients will recommend Vastu as their main criteria, and some go for fascinating designs for their house. Dream Sketch, develops interior designs for offices, houses, and other spaces balancing the versatility and Vastu shastra. The space, line, colour, texture, elements, and patterns are focussed with Vastu in new decorating houses.

Generally, wardrobes are of five types as follows,

Sliding Door Wardrobe 

It is a modern and ideal wardrobe style with sliding doors. These wardrobes don’t hinder the traffic flow of the room, it provides more space. It is not reliable on hinges or handles on doors. It is easy to use in small and confined spaces.

Hinged Door Wardrobe

These wardrobes are conventional and have a hinge on the door. It is simple in design and comes with the benefit of hanging some accessories at the closing side of the doors. Depending on the requirements, you can install pockets, hangers, racks of necessary sizes.


One such luxury wardrobe designed with sophistication makes your bedroom design the next level. It is expensive but it is worthy enough to hold all the items from jewellery, shoes, dresses to large accessories. It is valuable when your household has extra or unused rooms. 

Free-Standing Wardrobes 

These wardrobes are not wall-mounted and are a conventional type. It occupies more space but then, you can take these wardrobes when you move from one house to another. 

Customized Wardrobes

These are entirely customized as per the needs of the clients. You can coordinate different types of wardrobes to make your own one. You can have a loft on top, slopped wardrobes based on your spaces, mirror placements, theme-oriented, L-shaped, and so on.


In India, every household has a separate small space for performing puja or prayers. The best puja units designs should hold exquisite looks even in small spaces. As our houses are getting smaller, the design of the puja unit can occupy only limited space. Dream sketch designers provide customized and ideal designs of puja units based on your requirements. With numerous puja unit designs, the most and best-suited design is the wall mounting type. Based on your spaces in the house, they can be customized efficiently. This design complements multiple materials like wood, marble, granite, vitrified tiles, and porcelain. 


You can even add small cabinets and shelves to hold prayer books, fragrance sticks, and other things attached to the wall. The versatile designs include temple style, glass doors, drape tone designs, door design with bells, cubicle style, CNC patterns, unique lighting solution, customized wallpapers, wall niche, etc., 

The best designs for luxury-style puja units are open spaces and a room type. They are able to be enhanced with enchanting colors, nature-inspired decor, puja rooms at the entrance of the house. Both the designs provide sophisticated seating spaces for prayers. It provides the whole family a warm blessing during prayers. You can choose the best designs from Dream sketch interiors.

  • After the hectic schedules of a day, people leisurely spend their time in their bedrooms. The interior design for bedrooms should provide coziness & sophistication even in simple designs. The best interiors emerge from the combined ideas of design elements.
  • A vibrant colour scheme, strategic window treatments with matching styles of bedding and lighting will obviously enhance the look of the room. 
  • The concepts of minimalism, rich textures, canopy, artwork frames and hangings, creative whimsical interiors, vibrant wallpapers, themed- interiors, carpet inclusion will definitely provide a great look on bedrooms. 
  • To impart a unique look to bedrooms, smart lighting systems with sensors, mismatched colour combinations of wallpapers can be installed with design interiors. Additionally, the accessories and lighting fixtures provide an eye-catching bedroom look.
  •  Depending on the location of your house, you can even choose a beachside view bedroom with balconies decorated with pot plants. Some bedrooms are designed for more storage spaces, moreover there are hydraulic storage beds available in the market. 
  • The wall colours like blue, pink, beige, contrast colour, whites are Vastu-approved as well as gives a serene and relaxing feel to the room. The table lamps, floor mats around the beds add a touch of modern flair.
  •  Open bookshelves, dressing mirrors & drawers, tv units, table plants make spaces with a positive feel. 
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