How much will it cost for Renovating a Modular kitchen?

How much will it cost for Renovating a Modular kitchen?

The best investment you can make for a home is renovating your kitchens. The idea may seem a little daunting at first, perhaps you may feel contake all money from your pocket,entment and happiness for a lifetime. Even renovating a kitchen may not t instead, there are affordable solutions you can pick. Kitchens besides being a place to cook and serve also share an emotional bonding with family during every meal. Anyways, we all agree a home is incomplete without kitchen space.

Having all those things in mind, everybody needs an answer to the question, ‘ what does remodeling a kitchen pay off to your home?’. When a kitchen is renovated, it will provide new energy to your whole home. It enhances the functionality and modernity of your home. Other than that, it highly boosts the whole structure and appearance of your home.

Factors Need to be Considered Before Remodelling Kitchen

Before delving into the concept of cost considerations, let’s have a look at other factors you need to know before remodeling a kitchen,


You should get the correct time frame from the designer. Always add an extra few weeks to the time frame, because it will take more time than our expectancy. As soon as the time frame is decided make sure you set up a temporary kitchen. Especially see to that you manage with your temporary kitchen till the time your kitchen gets ready.


Ensure you get kitchen appliances as early as you start the remodeling work. To avoid out-of-stock conditions, get the appliances that you want to fit in your kitchen. Nowadays, it’s better to opt for built-in kitchen appliances that add a rich look to your kitchens. Have a detailed layout of where those appliances fit and then begin your work.

Layout Considerations

The cabinet, countertop spaces, lighting, and flooring are taken into account in this part. It’s all based on the preferences of individual homemakers. The flooring should be easy to clean, durable, and has a good appearance. A good layout provides a good work triangle. The style, colour, and design of cabinets are chosen based on your requirements. Good lighting is the key element for cooking spaces.

Professional Designer

Always get ideas from the designers and let designers have a look at your house. Take considerations regarding the designer’s skill set, specification, and needs. This may help you in many ways of mitigating cost, best designs, and so on.

Opting for customizations in kitchen remodelling also gives you a versatile look other than standard remodelling designs. So, look for customized designers to get kitchen designs with higher utility and functionality. Dream Sketch in Coimbatore provides tailor-made kitchen designs with contentment and 100% satisfaction.

Elements that Affect the Cost Consideration of Kitchen Remodelling

Level of Reconfiguration and Size

The size of your kitchen and the scale of your project have a high impact on the cost. The final estimation is based on the elements that need remodelling. Structural elements like the painting of walls, fixing doors, windows, adding kitchen appliances, the best flooring remodelling, re-designing cabinets, trim works, installation of countertops, automation, fixtures, etc., add to the cost of Kitchen remodelling. Each element should be meticulously designed to acquire a magnificent kitchen for your home.

Labour Cost

Labour fees take almost 22% of your budget. Even if you try to reduce the labour cost, some work can only be accomplished by professional people. Electricians, plumbers are essential workers for redesigning your kitchen. Even though it seems to be high at the beginning, the quality of the work should result better at the end. Make sure that the laborers are efficient in completing the works at the stipulated time.

Quality & Materials

Based on the base materials, the cost of kitchen remodelling may differ. Be mindful in choosing the construction materials for the kitchen. The premium quality materials like quartz, mosaic look elegant to your kitchen but they will hike your bills. Modular Kitchen Designers scrutinize the material selection and cost variables before finalizing the design. Plywood, particleboard, and polyvinyl chloride sheets are best recommended as it is best suited for good medium-budget projects.

Cost for Various Kitchen Remodelling

The cost of remodelling a kitchen is distributed under different sections as follows,

As a general note, the cost of a kitchen makeover in India ranges from 100 to 250 per square foot. Most of the calculations are based on the square feet calculations. The average modular kitchen price will cost around 70,000- 1,00,000 rupees.

Based on Designs

Based on different types of modular kitchen designs, it has cost variations.

  • The Price range of an L-shaped modular kitchen is Rs. 3000-4000/ sq.ft.
  • The price range of straight shaped kitchen layout is Rs. 600-2500/sq.ft
  • Parallel shape layout costs around Rs.1200-1800/ sq.ft.
  • U-shaped layout cost range between Rs.225- 500/ sq.ft

Based on Remodelling Necessities

As every household has a kitchen set up, it need not be remodelled right from the base work. Some require only semi-remodeling for their kitchen setup.

Some kitchens seem too traditional. Regardless of the structure, every corner of the kitchen needs to be remodelled. Those traditional kitchens can be restructured from 25,000 to 65,000 INR.

Modern kitchen renovations ideally don’t need everything to be remodelled. It may just take simple remodelling like painting, changing flooring or tiles, changing the shape, etc. It is nothing but remodelling an already modular kitchen. It may cost around Rs. 20,000 to 55,000.

Economical modular kitchen remodelling encompasses very smaller-scale projects like new light fixtures, repairs, upgrading new door handles, painting, new countertops, etc. These include a simple single-day work process. Those cost around 10,000-25,000 INR.

Besides the above types, some people expect to have a luxury kitchen remodel. This model provides you with a drastic change in the kitchen and mostly covers high-end quality materials. It makes cooking easier. Home Interior Designers in Coimbatore will create an extravaganza in kitchen renovation ranging from 75,000 to 1,25,000.

Based on Size

It is very obvious that the smaller the size of the kitchen, the lesser the price and vice-versa. Kitchen sizes like 75 sq. ft, medium-sized like 150-175 sq. ft, and large kitchens have more than 200 sq. ft. At times, it may change based on the locations. If your house is situated in a prime or Porsche area, then the cost is doubled than normal charges. This idea of cost estimation is justified when transportation and other elementary costs are included in the kitchen remodel package.

Based on Elements

Even some prefer to change their kitchen little by little. Changing each kitchen element may have a different value.

Kitchen Countertops

Countertop materials have large variations in cost based on the type of material or bulk volume utilization. Unlike expensive materials like quartz or granite, there are economical best materials like Formica and concrete. You may opt for ready-made kitchen countertops. The total fabrication cost inclusive of labour, material, cutting, and installation starts from 2400 up to 4800 INR.

Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most fundamental elements homeowners change or remodel in kitchen design projects is kitchen cabinets. Modular Kitchen in Coimbatore exhibits a variety of cabinets that you can choose from,

  • Premade cabinets with limited designs cost around 75 to 150 INR per linear foot.
  • Semi-custom cabinets such as resizing shelves, changing front doors, and increasing cabinet length may cost around 100 to 900 INR per linear foot.
  • Customized cabinets either designed by carpenters or designed specially as per requirements of clients range around 1500 INR per linear foot. They can be designed with any material or fit based on the space requirements.

The installation charges add up to 50 to 70% of the cost of the cabinet.

Kitchen Appliances

You can repair your kitchen appliances and can use them as most appliances last for 10-12 years. The repair cost generally ranges between 250 to 500 INR. Basic featured appliances may have less cost. Energy star appliances are best suited to lower your electricity bills. Considering points, top-tier kitchen appliances with sensors or remote connectivity ranges from almost 50,000 to 1,00,000 INR. There are custom appliances that are designed for the perfect fit of your cabinetry.

Installation and Labour Charges

During kitchen remodelling, you can expect 15% of installation charges. The labour charges come around 30-35% of the total cost.


Plumbing costs during kitchen remodelling come around 5% of the total project cost. An older house has to be removed out of narrow or rotting pipes and needs to be installed with sinks, faucets, new pipes, and rearranging other appliances.

Electrical Work

Electrical works like installing lighting, switches, checking for gas lines and chimney setups. It covers almost 5% of the total cost or budget.

Painting Works

Painting the kitchen is complex work as several appliances serve as disturbances. The cost of fresh painting costs around 20 to 38 INR, repainting costs from Rs. 12 to 28. The walls are primed first and then painted as per the clients’ requirements. Interior Designer Coimbatore chooses premium quality paints for your kitchen and makes your kitchen an exquisite look.

In a nutshell, be prepared with the estimated cost before the start of your kitchen remodelling plan. Have a look at what can be reused and mitigate your cost as much as possible. Keep aside all your worries and associate with Dream sketch for availing pocket-friendly kitchen renovation and services.

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