How much does it cost to interior design a house?

How much does it cost to interior design a house?

Designs are the soul of a place! Gone are the days, when interior designs were used just to make a place attractive. It’s not just the art of choosing the right colours and textures that suits a particular place. At present, it is more focussed to providing comfort and pleasure for all. Interior designing is the science of understanding people’s behaviors to help create a functional environment or spaces around them. It is a process of merging the various elements like space, line, texture, colour, pattern to form an aesthetic and unique building appearance.

Factors influencing the cost of interior designs

The development of interior design is not a single-day process, it takes a long way to sort out and bring together the elements to the final output. Factors like ergonomics, family size, budget, personal likings, and many others play a major role during the development process. Among distinct considerations, the cost is a paramount factor. Various influential factors revolve around the cost of the house interior design are as follows,

Building type

Based on the type of building whether it is commercial, residential, industrial, educational, or recreational, there is little difference in the cost factor. Most of the house cost is calculated as per square per foot measurement. A Complex part is that recesses, cantilevers, curves inside the house add to the final cost of the design.

Building shape and size

When you are redesigning your house i.e., you are just redecorating the space and shape have an essential role. Depending on the floor spaces, your priorities and special needs cost may vary. When all factors are held constant, larger buildings cost higher than smaller ones. The economics of scale and unit cost may reduce when it is a larger project or repetitive project from the same client.


Lighting not only illuminates your space but intensifies and brightens the components of the interiors. At some corners, even the natural lights are more enough and mostly you will see a focus dim light above the picture frames at home. The count and cost of LED fixtures may vary based on the room size.


Flooring comes up with a price tag. Wood and laminate flooring cost more than linoleum and vinyl. Concerning the average cost of flooring materials, then choose natural stone or ceramic style. It’s a one-time installation that is going to last for several years. So just meticulously choose high-quality flooring materials.

Labour cost

Labour cost is inclusive of all the furniture cost, painting, accessories installment charges, carpenter charges. Based on the square feet of the house, the labour cost will vary from 10 to 500 rupees. On a whole, flooring, carpenter, modular kitchen, wardrobe, flooring, and ceiling the prices may shoot up to 2000 to 3000 respectively.

All you need to know about the interior design cost for house

If you are looking at interior design costs, as we stated earlier, it varies quite a bit depending on the space, designer price, project time, etc., Here we look at the average cost of various interior designs of house types,

Interior design prices for houses and residential will turn up to 1 lakhs to 7 lakhs rupees based on the project size. Always keep in mind that it is generally calculated as 10-15% of property costs and for larger villas and mansions it may extend up to 30-35%. Systematically, larger areas have more charges and vice versa. Excluding furniture, it may reduce up to 1- 1.5 lakhs.

3BHK flat interior cost

For a 3BHK house, a premium quality interior design may range between 7-12 lakhs. It may raise to 15 lakhs depending on the quality of laminate, finish, and paint

2BHK house interior cost

A basic quality 2BHK interior design can have an average cost of 3.5 -7 lakhs. It may deck up to 10 lakhs based on the quality, style, and structure.

Semi-furnished interior design cost

Semi-furnishing interiors are nothing but you can go for designing specific interiors like TV units, wardrobes, dressers, etc. Semi-furnishing is more suitable for interior designing particular spaces of the house. Acquiring this method ultimately reduces the cost of the interiors and it serves as the best choice. An interior design for a TV unit costs around 950 rupees per square foot. The basic fitted wardrobe with swing doors costs around 25,000, and with sliding doors cost around 60,000 rupees.

Cost of 1BHK flat interiors

A design for a 1BHK flat will fall around 2 to 3.5 lakhs from basic to medium finishes. A premium finish may range up to 5 lakhs.

Let us see how the charges vary based on the parts of the house,

Price for interiors of living room

The living room is the largest, middle room of the house where everyone sits and relaxes. If you want a grand and comfortable-worthy interior, then fix your budget up to 20,000-50,000 for basic interiors and 75,000-1,00,000 for premium ones.

Interior design and decor cost of bedroom

You can save much on interior designs for bedrooms. Interior decoration cost of the home may vary from 35k- 2lacs. A wise choice is to choose a simple dresser, rug, nightstand, and plush which looks elegant.

Average cost of modular kitchen designs

A classic look kitchen interiors may range from 30,000 at minimum to 5,00,000 on maximum. Here sky’s the limit of your choices. The cost keeps increasing with plumbing, electrical work, furniture, appliances, and so on. In a way to reduce the final cost, make efficient budgets before the beginning of the project. Discuss and get an idea by connecting with Interior Designers in Coimbatore.

Average price estimations of bathroom interiors

For bathroom renovations, it starts from 10,000 and extends up to 1,00,000. The cost will depend on choosing the quality of tiles, bathtubs, showers, cabinets, faucets, and fans. The plumbing and electrical charges come under additional charges.

How are interior design charges computed?

If you think that interior designers alone take a huge amount for the work of designing a house, then it is not that case. There are numerous ways the interior designers cost for a designing your house project,

Based on the area

Most interior designs are charged based on sq. feet. It’s always better to check with the designers what elements should be included or excluded. The furnishing-like curtains, slides may be added or removed as per the client’s needs.

Percentage of overall costs

The designer calculates the overall cost of the project is inclusive of the products and services charges. Based on the level of design and expertise, the design fee may be from 6-20%.

Markup on products

In simple terms, the designer will charge a percentage of the price of every product. This premium price varies from each project.


This is purely designers’ choice on how much they need to charge for a project. It may be based on percentage, commission, per.sq.feet, or any other. Most designers maintain transparency policies regarding the fee.

How to fix the budget for home interiors?

Interior design budgeting is always a confusing step for clients and householders. To avoid improper conclusions, hire Interior Design Companies in Coimbatore, they will guide you for the best!

Every project size is different, so is the budget. Here comes, some simple tips to plan your budget,

  • Create a design concept
  • Develop a detailed space plan
  • Decide on the outlook of the interiors
  • Think about the quality you need in your home
  • Build a detailed list of your products and needs
  • Estimate the Cost for each column and get your total budget

There are some easy ways to reduce your budget as follows

  • Set budget limits
  • Monitor and balance expenses
  • Look for negotiations
  • Go-for alternatives

Why choose dream sketches for home interiors?

Dream sketch is an established, high-end interior design company in Coimbatore. We offer tailored services handling every side of the projects. We provide your homes with an impressive look through our precious observations on each project. We hold the rope of every client’s requirements and plan the project accordingly. As a result, our aspiring interior designers with exact knowledge of budget and timescale provide customized interior design solutions at affordable prices. Trust us, with the quality we maintain all throughout these years.

Points to be considered before designing interiors for a house

  • Take up research and decide on the budget.
  • Determine the purpose of the space
  • Avoid too many empty spaces. The key factor is to allocate proper spacing for walking and movements.
  • Oversized furniture may take up too many spaces and may not fit into small spaces. Get furniture that properly fits in your spaces.
  • It’s always better to choose colour schemes from the largest spaces of the house. Colours give a feel to a place like vibrance, increase appetite, satisfaction, relaxation, and much more.
  • Lighting is an important factor. Natural lighting gives an inviting atmosphere for the people. Dark and gloomy lights are not much preferable, at the same time bright lights are hard for the eyes.

As a conclusive point, every choice on interior designs is up to you people. It is based on what you decide on and how you go with the process. Interior designers will suggest the best options but the final decision is on your call. So think twice before approving each design. Create the home of your dreams by linking with Home Interior Designers in Coimbatore.

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