How long does the interior design process take?

How long does the interior design process take?

The interior design process is a series of steps followed by a design company for handling a project. The approach towards each project will be the same, but the design plan may differ depending on the project. Dream sketch develops a well-planned interior design process to realize the full vision of the clients. The process steps have become the roadmap of each project with ease. We stick to the organized and coordinated method that makes our designers thoroughly understand the design plan and specifications also. It allows our designers to proceed further on an excellent and efficient output design.

Steps in the interior design process

The steps may vary depending on the project. The most salient and suggested stages for a beautiful outcome are as follows,


Always start with consultation on the design process, so you get an idea from the professional point of view. The designer will analyze the process in every detail and acquire the necessary information from the client-side. Project-specific outlines, budgets, and time scales are discussed in detail. The designer company will provide you with their brief for your project to start the work.

Identify requirements and programming

Designers identify and prioritize the key requirements of the brief. This process includes explaining the projects in detail. It includes the creation of accommodation lists, research of existing designs, identification of your styles preferences, development of relationship diagrams, and confirmation of patterns.

Design concept

In this phase, the 2D or 3D drawings or floor plans are sketched as per the client’s requirements. With the help of mood boards, the color and style schemes, the finishing material like fixtures, finishes, and furniture are finalized and approved by the client.

Design finalization

If a perfect design is finalized with all the crucial and actual elements, then your project is on the go to execute a pleasing and alluring interior. The stabilization of this phase mitigates the faults in the accommodation place. Design finalization helps to manage the tweaks during the process.

Implementation of design

A phase in which designers have to involve their skills, creativity and should be meticulous in each forwarding step to deliver an outstanding interior. As discussed, dream sketch Interior Designers in Coimbatore will deliver your project as per timeline expectations based on a project. Our dedicated designers will have regular visits to the site place. They address the challenges and ensure everything is going on as per the plan given by the client.

Final delivery

The final project is delivered to the client with all the evaluations. The furniture, fixtures and other accessories are perfectly fit under the clients’ suggestions. Now enjoy your dream home!

The time scale for different interior designs

Time scales will vary for each interior design process. These home improvement projects will add up the aesthetics of your home for the next 25-30 years. So don’t worry about the timescales, have a peaceful mind, and connect with dream sketch for interior designs. We help you with extraordinary designs with a stipulated timeline. A single-time investment that levels up your life!

General time taken for interior designs for medium-sized places

  • 3 to 4 weeks for 3 or 4 bedroom apartment
  • 8 to 10 weeks for a large luxury villa
  • 2 to 3 weeks for office space up to 5000 sq. feet
  • 2 to 3 weeks for small to medium-sized retail space
  • 5 days for modular kitchen set up

General timelines taken for renovation and furnishing a place

  • Furnish a single room with no renovation- 6 months
  • Main floor project with primary trim work, flooring on the living area- 7-9 months
  • Complete renovation of spaces- 8 months

Factors influencing the timescale for interior designs

The timeline for the interior design process has a significant impact from the following considerations.

Project size

From a general perspective the larger the room spaces or area the more is the requirements, plan, and execution time for a project. The addition of more complicated and intricate designs to the spaces may mess up the final output. Dream sketch properly drafts the plan and makes our designers stick around the plans without any tweaks.

Stakeholders impact on timely decision making

More decision-makers will create unnecessary disputes in decision-making and extend the deadlines of the process. Less in numbers of decision-makers is always a preferable option in the interior design process where smooth decisions are made with an accurate discussion regarding the needs or issues. Dream sketch assures you to provide perfect design solutions with proper time management.

Nature of interior designers

Based on expertization and service years, interior designers adhere to principles related to the timeline during the process. A dedicated design team will have a commitment to themselves on deliverables and follow the same with the clients.

How to quicken interior design process

Observe the following points and utilize them in reality for better performances!

Track your time

Place a timeline for your team. Discuss the timeline with your design team members and make them explain how they are expected to stick to the given deadline. Clear the queries at the initial stage to avoid unnecessary misinterpretations at last.

Utilize the best software

Choosing the right one is always beneficial in projects. Designers should meticulously select the software and the features that opt for their projects. The software should go in hand for the support of all the phases of the project. This will automatically ease the workflow and get things done on time.

Checklist your activities

A checklist helps to keep track of all the information on the finished, ongoing, and upcoming phases of your designs. It helps you keep an eye on the employees’ activities also. Regular prioritization and maintenance of a clear image of what you need is the main purpose of the checklist.

Eliminate multitasking

Interior designers just focus on a single task because multitasking may confuse you with the process. Focus on a single design may bring out beautiful, creative, and alluring designs as per the client’s wish.

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