Classy Tv Unit Interior Design Ideas for 2022

Classy Tv Unit Interior Design Ideas for 2022

Once a great scientist Albert Einstein quoted “ Creativity is intelligence having fun”. Designing the home interiors for a new or renovated house is one such fun-filled creative activity that emphasizes a spark of smartness & uniqueness. Dream sketch, a well-efficient team of creative interior designers in Coimbatore with their impressive performances has reached pinnacle growth in home interior constructions for several years. Their most bespoken and elegant design ideas were done on TV units.

What is a TV unit?

A Tv unit or cabinet is a compartmental space that holds a television set within it. It is a well fabricated, stylish piece of furniture on its own. A tv unit can be installed majorly in two varied ways as wall-mounted units or television stands. As a dynamic concept, they can be customized as per the amenities present in a house. The room space, lighting, television size, television structure and some other aspects play a prominent role in designing a tv unit.

Recommendations for television positioning

Electrical wiring permit

Find a power plug inn nearest to the position of placing the television. An enormous power supply should be facilitated for the installation of television. A lengthy wired connection is recommended for preventing disturbances.

Optimal spacing distance

Make sure the screen is straight at eye level with frontal positions so that straining the eyes or neck will not be a problem. A television should be placed at the center or in line with the focal point as per seating arrangements.

Tv unit interior designs

Enormous varieties of tv unit interior designs with assorted styles and functionalities are employed in utilization. Some of those interior designs are as follows

Open shelves

Open shelves tv units are the most common design for positioning a television on a stand or wall. It has several cabinets beneath the television space to hold books, television accessories, etc. It provides a central mounting frame for the television set up and gives obvious visibility to the viewers.

Console style

A console-style television unit includes a wooden cabinet with or without closed shelves for television placement. It is rectangular, compact and concise in structure.

Tv units with audio towers

A complete entertainment unit typically covers two tall wooden cabinets on either side of the television space. It supports the supplementary units like speakers, other audible accessories, set of boxes, etc.,


An incredible piece of furniture with a sleek design and contemporary style. Closed cabinets are flanked along the sides of the television and on the top. A perfect measurement of the television should be taken before manufacturing the cabinet.


A perfect austere design with a rotating facility can be aligned at a better angle for viewing purposes. This design is not suitable for television mounted on a wall. A meticulous positioning of television is required for safety purposes. This design is best suited for television without a rotating base.


Floating designs are wall-mounted design units having open floor space with a conspicuous view in the living room. Cord concealment is a special featured design in this model.


Cabinets deliver a luxurious visual appeal to the tv units. It is available in two types: one has closed wooden cabinets with a clean surface for television placement and another is more of a wardrobe type with whole coverage of cabinets in which television can be hidden inside the screen.

Entertainment unit

A solitary massive television unit is usually larger than a regular TV unit. Adds elegance to your living room with its majestic look! The cabinets are customized as per the requirements of the customers. This epic piece of furniture has diverse compartments of varied sizes.

Trendy television unit design ideas for 2022

“Don’t follow trends, Start your trend”- Frank Capra. Hire the Best Home Interiors in Coimbatore for designing your television units. Some voguish styles of television units expected to be trending in 2022 are as follows

Design trends

Designs are thoughts made into reality! A perfect finish explains the quality itself. Take a look at some design trends of television units…

Legless television units

A flat surface of wood or any other tv unit material is placed at the bottom of the whole unit and the cabinets are positioned above those baseboards. The baseboards should be strong and durable to hold the whole furniture. Proper adhesion of smaller compartments with appropriate designing techniques is more important.

Suspended models of television units

Suspended tv units are more similar to legless models but the pendant shelves are placed at a height of 50 cm above the ground. Cabinets are fixed at lower positions. Versatile and accentuate tv units for your alluring houses!

Composite tv units

These units are predicted to peak in trends of 2022. They have legless tv stands with separate cabinets organized as a unit with air spaces between the cabinets. These are simple and exquisite tv interiors for the household. It comprises flanking units, an additional shelf on top and a television space at the centre. It contributes to multi-functionality purposes.

LED fittings in tv units

Enlight your entertainment space with led lights! It is a blooming installation technique trending in the market. An eye-catching light setting to enhance your environment. Led lights of blue or yellow colours are more attractive to fit in cabinets.

Tv unit cum study table

A massive entertainment centre with a study table at the corner serves a dual purpose. Design your advantageous tv set up hiring eminent interior decorators in Coimbatore.

Vintage trend

Getting back to our roots with rustic tv unit interiors is an acquiesce trend of 2022. A vintage tv unit decor will take back to the times of the ’90s with its aesthetic visual appeal.

Minimalism in trend

These trends are customer-driven concepts. Complete customization of tv units with the idea of incorporating free air spaces in the room. Minimal designing without complications and intrications comprising the television within it. It is more affordable and neat in its way.

Colour trends

2022 is a year for grey-green colour hues in interior designs! It is a nourishing and polished shade of colour with a natural tone symbolizing balance and harmony. Beige and monochrome colours are taking their new heights in interior designs trends.

Material trends

When noticing the material for tv units, it should be enduring, tough, strong, and resistant to environmental changes.


Wooden finishes never go out of style! Natural imperfections of wooden materials are significant trends of 2022. They provide liveliness to the environment. Choose slim plywood designs for better functionality. Before installation, wooden materials should be coated with varnishes for the prevention of termites. The laminates integrated with wooden materials should merge with the themes of the tv units.


Get rid of your customary belief as glass is easily breakable and difficult in handling operations. Glass gives a classy and smart look to a tv unit. They have smooth edges with nil scratches and chip particles. Safety is taken care of with these designs and will not harm any children. Unbreakable glasses are gaining popularity in the market trend.


Metals are turned out to be high-tech, contemporary styles tv cabinets for enriching your home space. Metal and wood in combination create the magical look and produce versatile television units.

Factors to be considered when choosing a tv cabinet


Measure the dimensions of your television in advance. Then try to customize your tv cabinet.


A television unit will differ in functionality based on the place it is positioned. Living room utility is entirely different for tv cabinets in bedrooms.


Based on your multimedia devices and accessories the storage space should be finalized. It is not constrained to store tv accessories alone but it also supports storing books, sculptures and other decorative items within it. Have a clever choice of tv cabinets keeping versatile usage in mind.

Material selection

Pick the right material that portrays natural warmth with an aesthetic appeal. You can opt for glossy plywood for longevity. Particleboards, fibre boards are low-cost alternatives to wood material.


Dream sketch, an eminent interior design company in Coimbatore offers custom-built television units at competitive prices. Check, compare and buy your units.

Other factors

  • Check for fasteners that fit the accessories of television units are included
  • Before designing, check for quality materials procured for the manufacturing
  • If bought online, have a look at reviews, product descriptions and trusted manufacturer details.
  • During online purchases, make sure they install the television unit with a specified time
  • Check for the guarantee, warranty, exchange, refund and return policies to avoid substandard purchases.
  • As a summing point, choose a tv unit in harmony with the ambiance of the room.

However, scientific and technological progress will not remain the same, but comfort and beauty in a Tv unit should not be compromised. Get your fascinated television units from the topmost Interior Decorators in Coimbatore!

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